water-colour-separatorAdvertise with Dare

As soon as we are ready to go to air, three main advertising packages will be made available to meet ALL your future needs, whether you run a small, medium or large business.

These packages will be branded :

DARE GOLD – adverts run breakfast and drivetime (weekdays) plus weekends.

DARE SILVER – adverts run mid-morning and afternoon (weekdays) plus Saturdays.

DARE BRONZE – adverts run lunchtime (weekdays) plus Sundays.

All three packages include adverts run overnight, 7 days a week, at no extra charge.

Our flexible prices start at just £299 per month. We offer solutions and associate ‘value’ with ‘price’.

Dare also plans to offer sponsorship opportunities assigned to particular programmes, features and competitions with reasonable concessions for community organisations.

In addition, there will be special offers (and arrangements) to reflect the seasons and particular campaigns to tie in with festivals and events.

Dare can offer production, voiced commercials plus special rates for discos and PA’s.

Email our friendly sales team in the first instance with a contact phone number and we’ll get back to you to discuss ALL your future needs!